Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Thank you Singaporeans!

Following the recent saga of whether DPM Wong should resign and the question that was left unanswered by LowTK...I salute and thank matured Singaporeans.

Back in 2006 when I joined the WP, I chose them because I was confident then that the party's leadership would do its utmost to not act immaturely and rashly. In other words, I felt safe joining them. Some people say WP is too conservative, too quiet, too shy-media.

Take the recent saga at Parliament for instance. LowTK together with a few others MPs in the Parliament raised the question on whether DPM should resign. It was a collective of thoughts from the ground that LowTK had expressed in the house.

We wanted someone to ask the PM questions on our behalf wasn't it?

On top of that, LowTK brought up one important reminder to not only us but the PM as well.

The issue on the million dollar pay check.

Having been paid the highest in the world, should the level of responsibility and accountability be higher as well?

Given circumstances as such, can the PM and his Ministers get an increment the 3rd time? Or rather would they have the face to do so?

The way PM had shielded DPM seemed to oppose the thought of a credible pool of elites with high level of integrity. And of course, our PM had always been good at side-stepping questions isn't?

Besides spending 3 months to come up with a ridiculous report what else had the PM did? It was a report that anyone can take a week to produce. Why 3 months?

Where was he when the issue first came to light?

To me it was a case of negligence!

Windows without grilles was known but problem not rectify.

Fencing were mounted too closely to the window which Mas Selamat had taken advantage of.

Guards and officers does not even qualify the basic qualities of due diligence that is to kicked open the bloody door when things became suspicious.

Plentiful supply of toilet paper for Mas Selamat to act as cushion...wahhhhhhh this one really cannot take it!!!!

CCTV that were not working where everywhere else in Singapore is having CCTV that can operate even in restaurants as a matter of fact!

And lastly...whoever approved of the design of the detention is the biggest fool! The place was design as though it was a hostel! Not detention centre!!!!

I'm sure all of you out there can do a better job.

And the mere thought of our Government still harbouring the thought of finding Mas Selamat in Singapore had already been ridiculed by other countries.

Seriously, I'm still not very convinced that Mas Selamat escaped the detention centre because till today we don't see visual evidence of his escape.

On the whole, I dont think that it was an honest mistake made...it was a case of negligence due to complacency.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank a group of Singaporeans :)

We had a lot of concerned Singaporeans writing in to us via email....all of them, yes all of them , were words of concern, encouragement and support :)

'THANK YOU' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

They are Shameless! Incompetent and lack of Honor.

Anonymous said...

If something drastic were to happen to Singapore or SEA in future due to the escape of Mas selamat and if anyone should underperform their tasks again and again, then they should resign .Remember 911?

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