Monday, 17 March 2008

Women, hmm... you got to attend this

Hi there, to all women that is reading my blog... make an effort if you can ( I would really very much love to but has got a company sales seminar on that day to organise, how suay!) to attend the public forum below:

In partnership with AWARE, Unifem Singapore and Society of Financial Service Professionals; to commomerate International Women's Day.

Discussion topic:

What is the current status of women’s rights in Asean. How much further does Asean have to go in the sphere of gender equality and human rights?

Listen to the views of both local and regional speakers on the questions above.

Date: 29th March 2008

Time: 3-5pm

Venue: URA Building, level 5th Function Hall

Read more about the organiser, maruah here.

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