Saturday, 1 March 2008

Tourism industry attracting job seekers.

I am involved in the on-going career fair at Suntec City from 28th Feb to 2nd Mar.

I cannot help but notice that a lot of people are attracted to the tourism industry; be it jobs or furthering their studies.

Report from CNA: Tourism Industry players join hands to attract job seekers at Career 2008

Due to the upcoming IR and Formula 1, the tourism industry had all of a sudden become a hot spot to be in.

During the show, I happened to meet a friend who is also exhibiting for a private institution offering tourism courses. According to him, the used to be popular courses like IT and Business courses had dropped tremendously and now the in thing is tourism courses. In fact, a lot of students had opted for a transfer from their present course to tourism courses.

Don't you think that there is going to be a supply more than demand issue here? Was my question to the friend. He agrees with me thoroughly but of course when promoting courses as such they cannot be suggesting anything negative.

Another issue is... is IR going to employ all fresh grads? How can it be? Common sense will tell you that. Of course there will be a big chuck or at least a handful coming from overseas, that is yes, overseas talent.

They cannot be using a bunch of fresh employees with no prior experiences in this aspect to run the casino.

Hence, I felt that students when choosing for a course, should not just head for something that is popular or is going to be popular. Think of the consequences, think of your chances.

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