Wednesday, 12 March 2008

My last day at work

11th March, was my last day as a Recruiter with my previous company. I will be moving onto a new job, a Trainer, with another Financial Institution on 13th March.

I always had this problem whenever I tender my resignation; sad to leave but have to leave. This job was even tougher. My working colleagues as well as my lady boss were all good working partners.

However, this is life and its only normal for me to want to have greater exposure and better career advancements.

On my last day, which also happen to be Secretary, Megan's birthday, our lady boss brought us out for lunch at the 'Lion City Cafe' which is pretty near to my work place. Most of the other colleagues came along. Those who cannot make it, either sms or called me up to wish me luck and best wishes. Megan is the colleague whom I communicate the most with. She is very jovial and of course nice to work with. We talked, laughed and took care of each other.

When we returned back to office, I was greeted with surprise. Zynn and Megan bought me a bracelet from Perlini's. It was really thoughtful of them. An even greater surprise came from Karen. She bought me a slice of my favourite chocolate cake and a bouquet of pink roses! It was really very sweet of her to do that.

Mandy, my working partner as well as room-mate, also bought me a tube of hand lotion. When it was time to leave at 6pm, I bade farewell and I could not control but cried when I hug my lady boss.

Hereby, I wish H42 all the best; work hard, play hard and most importantly don't forget me!

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