Thursday, 14 February 2008

First world country having 'brain drain problem'

This report from

MM Lee says Singapore facing brain drain problem, did it came as a surprise? To Singaporeans, foreigners or even our Ministers?

I'm sure most of us are pretty aware of this danger and had wanted the government to address it indirectly previously in especially these two cases; foreign workers and education.

MM Lee said in this article that 'every year, there are more people going abroad for their first or second degree'.... why is that so?

Why are people opting to go overseas for studies when they can study in Singapore where their friends, family and relatives are? Why would they want to choose to go to a foreign country to start all over again?

The answer is in this article? Or is there other causes?

Why is Singapore only attracting Chinese and Indians? MM Lee said that the draw for the Chinese is that their children can learn both English and Chinese, while the Indians like Singapore because it is close to home....

Yes, the Chinese can learn both English and Chinese in Singapore, but they can do it in Malaysia as well. And the Indians like Singapore because it is close to home???? I don't understand, why does the Indians feel that Singapore is close to home. Was it because there are Indians in Singapore too? If we are talking about distance wise, there are other, better places that are nearer to India than Singapore.

I remembered one particular interview I had conducted with a Chinese who can speak very good English because she had studied in Canada before. I asked her why did she choose Singapore... the answer was... she had tried getting citizenship from Australia, Canada, States, New Zealand and even Malaysia but she could not get any of it. Hence her last resort was to try Singapore and she got it.

MM Lee also pointed out that ... American firms recruited bright Singaporean students straight out of universities... Again why are our people choosing them over Singapore firms? Why are they willing to start afresh in a new, unfamiliar place?

Are Singaporeans threatened by the 'Foreign talents' that the government had been encouraging?

Or they can no longer stay in Singapore because of the way the country is run?

Could it also be the fact that they felt that Singapore is just too stressful to work and stay in with inflation higher than pay increment, etc...

MM Lee had highlighted the 'Pull' factor of this problem but had he ever wondered what the 'Push' factor was??? What is forcing Singaporeans to seek better shelter elsewhere and the need to look for greener pastures.

I think our biggest failure is the inability to make our citizens feel their love for the Nation. Besides our education has to play a part in it, the emphasis by our government and of course the society on material gains has to be blamed.


Anonymous said...

Just to say that Singaporeans will always love Singapore our Motherland. But many and more are 'pushed' and being push to quit simply because they cannot bear with the Leadership(of Singapore) anymore, truthfully telling! saintmoron.

SL said...

"I think our biggest failure is the inability to make our citizens feel their love for the Nation."

Yes, you have hit the nail right on its head. My love to the Nation is over. I am planning to start a new life in Australia.

Anonymous said...

It crosses my mind after reading your post thinking whether it is obvious to us that our country was built not for its people but for foreigners. We can sometimes think and wonder whether prominent places like Orchard Road, Esplanade, the FI race and Sg Flyer are built to increase our people's prominence in the world or in fact, to better attract foreign people coming into our country. Are the locals just there to "tag" on these benefits and lifestyle set up for the foreign people? Keeping the 'talented' foreigners in the country and forcing the 'less talented' locals out of the system through overseas migration so that they can seek better or equal opportunities. Having said that, it is hard to say whether all these policies and planning set out by our leaders will actually strive towards a long-term sustainable future for our future generations. If we know that a problem exists in our generation, we need to tackle it before it becomes a bigger issue for our children.

onlooker said...

Well they can have their pie and eat it.But We were to give up our pie let them have first bite and also goes through the process that make us leave willingly Nuisance service.
Gee I wonder why?
Also We will be harassed and charged if we return to do business after getting residency elsewhere so what about the sons and daughters of millionaires dads.
Would any returns?
If the bridge is not severed at least there is a way to return.

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