Sunday, 13 January 2008

WPYW first event for 2008

The WP Youth Wing first event for 2008 is to spread the warmth and joy of the upcoming festive season to the needy, a charity drive, which will stretch for 6 weeks.

Distribution of flyers to both residents of Seagull Walk and Kovan Road takes up two weeks. Collection from these 2 areas will take another two weeks. Sorting of collected items and finally delivering them to the beneficiary is another week.

Because I'm leaving for Istanbul for my well-deserved holiday on 18th Jan, I was only able to participate in the collection for Seagull Walk which was done today :)

It was indeed very rewarding...especially under the hot, scorching sun this afternoon and not forgetting the relentless barking from some dogs.

Seagull Walk which is right behind SIA Training Centre, consists of 4 lanes with 2 stretches of houses in each lane. We had 5 vehicles all fully packed after finishing the first 2 lanes. They had to make a trip to the store and come back again for the last 2 lanes.

The response we got was pretty good! We had owners who were not in but made the effort to leave the items outside. We also had residents whom had already given us some items when we did our flyers distribution, donated more to us again today. Oh yes, there was also one unit which donated not much but offered us drinks :)

Although not all units contributed, however we've got feedback such as...its great to see you people doing this on a weekend! Such comments really make your day.

We were pretty lucky, the moment we finished loading everything into the vehicles, it started to pour....

All donated items will be distributed to Childrens' Home, Old Folks' Home and the Salvation Army.

We appreciate the help that was rendered to us by our party members, you know who you are :)

And lastly, to all residents of Seagull Walk, sorry to disturb your afternoon nap and thank you for the donations.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on starting 2008 with a
worthwhile cause. Hope that you
will carry out more activities to
help and benefit the poor and handicapped in our society! Best Wishes to you and your comrades in
this voluntary work.

Thank you for visiting