Saturday, 22 December 2007

Pre-Christmas Dinner on 21st Dec

A few of the WP comrades had a Pre-Christmas dinner tonight at 'The Mind Cafe', Its a great place to be in with dinner served at reasonable prices and 2 hours of play time. I would strongly recommend this place to all. Its ideal for relationship building and company events.

Play time consists of board games which is made available by the cafe. There were different types of games for different no. of people. We had a round of 'Sequence' and 'Charades'. Food served wasn't too bad. For $16.90++ per pax you can have an appetizer (soup or salad), main course (lasagne, pasta, chicken cutlet, fish & fries), dessert and a drink of your choice. Service was excellent too!

Don't know for whatever reason, Bernard decided to go for vegetarian lasagne...and when he saw other main courses like chicken cutlet and cheesy fish & fries, he deeply regretted his choice of food. Hahahahahaha! We really had lots of fun while playing those board games :) We spent 2 solid hours there.

(From left: Song Han, Clara, Jacky, myself, Bernard, Gordon, Jane, Swee Bee & Frieda)

Next we headed to 'Duxton Blue' along 'Duxton Road' for a drink. Apart from drinking, Song Han and I also sang a few songs. Some of them played a round of pool too.

It was an enjoyable evening.

(From left: Frieda, myself and Swee Bee)

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