Monday, 17 December 2007

Cost of sms in Singapore...

I was being highlighted to this post 'Indonesia Agency says wireless carriers may have fixed prices.'

With that, a Telecom Specialist gave his comments below:

In Singapore, the price per SMS is 5 Singapore cents which is equal to 3.33 US cents. This is equal to 322.9 Rupiah.

Based on the recommendations by the Indonesia Telecom authority, this is about 4.3 times the limit for a fair and competitive price to pay for an SMS.

The telecom authority in Singapore is IDA. Hence they should look into this case of overcharging and monopolistic behaviour in Singapore.

The cost of deploying a wireless network in Singapore is much cheaper than in Indonesia and generate more revenue and profits per base station due to:

1) small land area of Singapore
2) the density of the subscribers
3) the sophistication of the subscribers and the revenue generated through the services they use
4) the easy availability and accessibility of sites to install the base stations
5) the non-existence of legal challenges to the locations of the sites
6) far superior existing infrastructure to support the wireless network

Therefore, Singaporeans should be paying lesser than what the Indonesians are paying per sms.

This is because the victims of overcharging and monopolistic behaviour in Singapore is ultimately the Singaporeans.

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