Monday, 3 December 2007

Another public transport fare hike!

This is infuriating!

The surcharge had only just been passed and now they are asking for increased in flag-down fare and faster meter!

I'm simply at a loss of words! I don't know what had become of our country! Our inflation is going to hit sky-high!

"My monthly income of $1500 gross, is only left with $100++ every month after deducting all charges and bills," a woman in her mid-40s was complaining to me during last week's Hammer sales at Clementi.

"Do you know that both my wife and I dread opening the letter box? Every time when you open, its a bill, mountain of bills, money to be paid!" , said my neighbour.

Papers had been reporting that pay increase this year was seen the highest in percentage, but is it true for all? Especially the more needy ones?

I wonder how many more educated and doing fine people will be leaving Singapore....

From Taxi fares likely to go up soon

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