Sunday, 4 November 2007

Joyous Night

After much preparation, the WP's 50th Anniversary dinner is finally here. Having got all my receptionist and ushers to come at 6.30pm, I only left house at about 6pm. However, it took me only 20 mins to the destination by taxi.

I was glad to see that most of the helpers were there early and the receptionist were all beautifully dressed :) Veron, Julia, Wan Theng and Winnie were all dressed in black. The ushers were smartly dressed too. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for putting in their best effort.

At about 7pm, people start to stroll in. Signed on the guest board, collected their door gifts from the receps and ushers were off to showing them their tables. Oh ya, a counter was set up to sell the Commemorative book as well. Both Waileng and David took turns throughout the dinner to tend to the counter.

As for me, I was assigned the task of a 'Reporter' for the dinner. I need to interview 6 honourary members, 4 CEC spouses and 4 youth members. Hence, with my recorder (Wow! Exacty like a reporter) I went around the restaurant which was packed with 67 tables to look for my interviewees. It was fun and encouraging to listen to those answers. My partner for this task was Kenneth who handled the chinese and dialect speaking group for me.

Dinner commences at about 8.15pm with Choong Yong and Glenda as Emcess for the night.

Our list of invited guests includes friends from the media, leaders from other opposition parties and it was really a joy to be able to see Mrs Marshall and son :) A total of 670 came together to join the party in this joyous occasion as we embark onto our 51st year.

Chairman, Miss Sylvia Lim, started the event with a brief speech in both Mandarin and English. It was a thank you speech to all past and present members who had contributed to the growth of the party. After which was followed by Secretary General, Mr. Low Thia Khiang, who emphasizes the objective of the existence of the Workers' Party, its role and to garner people to put their trust into the party for them to win a GRC in the next election. the mention of that, an over-whelming response of 'YES', shook the entire restaurant.

I looked around the place and was heartened to see people from all walks of like, different races and ages. It was a very encouraging sign especially for new members who had just joined the party. Honourary and merit members of the party were remembered and not left out tonight. Mr. Low presented them with nicely framed up certificate which I believed each and everyone of them will treasure. The Workers' Party would not have come so far without them, us, everyone... Allow me to salute to this group of never-give-up veterans.

The dinner ended at close to 10.30pm with Mr. Eric Tan, the Committee Chairman of the 50th Anniversary giving a closing speech to thank all attendees and helpers. A toasting session was done on stage with the CEC members as well. Our table did a round ourselves with 'GRC!' at the end of the toast :) Crazy bunch of people we have....nope they were passionate.

With that, an ordinary dinner that was held in an ordinary restaurant for Singaporeans who came and care for an extraordinary political party which had survived in these 50 years of political challenge, came to an end.

The Workers' Party will continue its survival and overcome all obstacles with the help of all party members and concerned Singaporeans.

"The duty of an Opposition is to act with vigour in guiding and criticising with integrity the conduct of the Government, to make heard the voices of the minority without fear..."

- David Marshall, founder of the Workers' Party.

Picture of the almost filled guest board:

Our table of ushers and receps:

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