Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Got hooked!

I can see for myself and if not feel that I had been pretty quiet recently... I mean updating of my blog :)

Went through a series of road show and was coincidentally hooked onto a Korean Drama, hahaha, YES! Coincidentally.

Was playing with the TV remote control while waiting for my evening appointment on that Saturday and I happened to come across a Korean Drama, 'Save the last dance for me', on Channel U. Looking at the timing it was aired, 3-5pm, I guessed this one must be a repeat telecast. Mediacorp always has this tendency to repeat shows. So I sat back to watch the show with the intention to just kill time. Who knows.....ahahah...I could not wait for the next episode! And lucky me, I was at episode 2... hence did not miss much.

Well, I'm sure a lot of Korean Drama fanatics had seen this drama before. It was quite a craze during that time from what I had read online. With that, I went online to search for it and eventually rented it from a rental shop at Hougang Mall. Because its a old production, 2004, hence the rental its quite cheap too at $0.50/ disc (20 disc). I finished the 20 disc in 4 nights! That was how addictive it no time for other things :) Synopsis of the drama can be found here for anyone that might be interested. The discs are now with my friend who wants to watch it a second time :)

The theme song were pretty nice too. For more, click here. Below are some pictures taken from the drama...

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