Friday, 28 September 2007

Ibrahim Gambari to the rescue

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has been informed that his special envoy Ibrahim Gambari will be welcome in Myanmar to discuss the current turmoil.

I seriously hope that Gambari can solve the current situation. Its getting worse and these monks were just staging a peaceful protest!

Security forces fired tear gas and warning shots from automatic weapons were used to disperse the crowds, which scurried for cover, leaving behind sandals in their haste and pools of blood where the faceoff turned violent.

Different countries had been showing their support and had also disagreed with what the government of Myanmar is doing, that is to resort to using violence to stop this protest.

China, Myanmar's traditional ally, issued a public admonition to the country's military regime to proceed with caution.

Toronto supporters congregated to lend their voice to the protests in Burma. More than 150 people gathered at Nathan Phillips Square last night to show support for demonstrators and Buddhist monks who have come under fire for their anti-government rallies.

US President George W. Bush on Thursday said the world must press Myanmar's military rulers to end the violent crackdown and urged the junta to cooperate fully with UN envoy Gambari.

"I call on all nations that have influence with the regime to join us in supporting the aspirations of the Burmese people and to tell the Burmese junta to cease using force on its own people, who are peacefully expressing their desire for change," he said in a statement.

The US administration also ordered a freeze on the assets of Myanmar's military leader and 13 other senior officials.

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