Thursday, 30 August 2007

To Serene :)

We were class mates throughout our Secondary School education, both Serene Tay, Alice Ang and myself were very close Holy Innocents High School, along Hougang Avenue 7.

We eat, talk, laugh, gossip, skip school, write Chinese Compo, copy homework, etc together... I miss those school days, we were always full of nonsense and crap, I would say especially me :) Serene was the class monitress and Alice the quiet one.

Alice is currently still seeking around for her right man while Serene had found hers :) This year, Serene finally tied the knot with Kelvin and I would like to take this opportunity to convey my blessings to her.

Below is a peom which I came across:

Here's to Kelvin and Serene!
To a long and happy life
In an Eden of their making
As a husband and a wife.

Here's to Kelvin and Serene!
To the passion and the will
That has brought them here together
May it long sustain them still!

May they love each other
With a love that binds them fast
To the things in life that matter
And the ecstasies that last.

Hmm........ Miss Ang, so when will it be your turn?

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