Thursday, 23 August 2007

The most ridiculous thing I had ever heard!

I was browsing through the net and I came across this piece of news...

On 11th August 2007, a group of about 40 people were out running along Singapore River when their nice, morning jog was interrupted by the men in blue, our very own Singapore policemen.

These police officers then started asking everyone of them for their Identification card. Next the most ridiculous thing is about to happen; this group of people who were doing nothing but jogging had just committed a crime!

It was said that they had committed some ....Miscellaneous Offences Act...???

As what Mr Wang mentioned in this blog, they were simply just JOGGING! They were neither having sex openly or treating Singapore River like some nudist beach which is a common sight in other countries.

Oh I forget to mention, this group of people were all gays and lesbians. Because they were a group of gays and lesbians, thats why jogging becomes a crime?

And I picked this line up from a foreigner's blog:
Good work Singapore! You've once again made yourself the laughing stock of Southeast Asia.


Jogger said...

Gays and lesbians also need to be healthy, right?

tax-payer said...


ashamed singaporean said...

singapore's homophobic nature should have been long abolished. You cannot deny that these group of people, like normal people, have contributed to the society and economy, arts and whatnot. just because they have a different gender preference, doesnt make them aliens. isn't it love too? arent they also our fellow human beings, friends, or relatives? and i've never heard about what miscellaneous offense by the way.. is it a new offence in the legal system made just for gays and lesbians or what..jeez.

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