Wednesday, 25 July 2007

World's Tallest Building...Magnificent!

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Move aside Taiwan, Burj Dubai will be the world's tallest building after its construction which started in Dec 2004. It will stand at 512 meters (1,680 ft) tall. When completed, it will be the tallest architectural structure in the world at about 800 meters (2625 ft).

The triple-lobed footprint of the building is based on an abstracted desert flower native to the region.

A subtle reference to the onion domes of Islamic architecture can be found in the building's silhouette when looking up at the lobes from near the base.

The tower will be situated on a man-made lake which is designed to wrap around the tower and to provide dramatic views of it.

Engineers working on the design considered installing triple-decker elevators, which would have been the first in the world. The realized building will use double-decker elevators.

The top of the building will contain a public observation deck and a private club above that.

The official height has not been released, and remains secret. The total height of 808 meters is subject to change.

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