Saturday, 28 July 2007

World Class Design

Liverpool new stadium design was unveiled on 25th July. I must say that this is a world class design, it just looks so nice to look at :) had also asked for feedback, reactions and thoughts of the new stadium from fellow Koppers. Needless to say, the fans had rated the design for this new 60, 000 capacity stadium a perfect 10!

Scheduled to open in 2010, the 60,000 seat stadium has been designed to allow for future expansion. The stadium represents an investment of around £300 million by the Club in North Liverpool.

What the Reds have to say:

Captain Steven Gerrard said: "To be honest I knew it was going to be great but after spending five minutes looking at the plans I was just completely blown away by it. We are Liverpool Football Club and we expect the best and this will be the best. I've played in some special stadiums but this is something special and it's so important that we are not seen to be copying off another club."

"Everyone is excited by the new plans. They are spectacular. We've got a great stadium at the minute in Anfield, but the designers have come up with something completely unique. I've never seen a football ground like it and that's what makes it so special," Jamie Carragher.

Rafa Benitez added his voice of support to the new stadium design: "The facilities the new stadium will provide are going to ensure that the future of this club is a great one and this is what our fans deserve."

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