Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Durians, durians, durians...

The sky was still dark, very dark, as we made our way to Malaysia, JB. This time our destination is Tangkak, the durian paradise :)

Organised by WP Welfare committee, a bus of about 42 durian lovers made our way there enthusiastically. We were travelling with Superior tour which of course provided us with a tour guide in Malaysia. But in Singapore, we have our very own Milton, a WP Welfare member. He did a good job in settling everyone down, he was talking non-stop, hahaha!

We had breakfast at the famous Ah Koon fishball and next we proceeded to shopping. By noon we were heading for Tangkak. Its a very rare sight, something that we will not find in Singapore now. The picture on the right is the path-way that leads to the durian farm. Rubber trees as well as pomelo trees filled the stretches of the path.

The whole stretch of path was filled with the aroma of the durians...and when we finally reach, goodness! There were so much durians! Whatever type you name it, they have it.

We were also served with fried noodles with wild boar meat...which is term as a pest in this farm. Coconut trees could also be seen. Some of our members helped themselves to the refreshing coconut water. I tasted so much durians that I had no idea which was which, all were fantastic to me :) We also had fried yam which was specially prepared for our group. We left the durian farm with heaps of durians to be taken back to Singapore, I bought a packet too.

Next we went to a really gigantic organic farm, where farming techniques were introduced to us. We had sumptous dinner at a kelong seafood restaurant. The place was really authentic, however the night scenery was not that fantastic. But the food served was not disappointing at all, we had our filled and were soon making our way back home.

At around 9pm we were caught in a jam which leads to the custom. By the time we cleared the custom and reached Singapore, it was near to 12am!

The smell of the durians are still lingering on my fingertips :) Below were some pictures taken:

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