Saturday, 7 July 2007

The Compassionate Giant

He is big, tall, look unapproachable and fearsome. That was my first impression of WPYW President, Mr Perry Tong, when I first met him at WP's Thank You Dinner in 2006. And when I got elected as one of the 6 Youth Wing Exco, I told myself ....hmm... I will be working with this man whom I find unapproachable.

Well, I was wrong. He is not as fierce as he looks, in fact not fierce at all. He can be quite crude at times but definitely a very nice person to work with. Because of his built, he got himself this nickname 'Giant'.

A compassionate 'giant' I should say. Recently, one of our common friend met with an unfortunate incident. 'Giant' was working as an Operations Manager in JB and hence wasn't too aware of the situation. Swee Bee, Choong Yong and myself tried to help this friend as much as we could. However, the situation got worse without our knowledge.

Very coincidentally, 'Giant' was on a month MC, therefore was recuperating at home. He just went through a major surgery. When he came to know about this incident, without further ado, he initiated a mini donation drive. It may not be the best solution but its the heart to help.

Quite a handful of our friends responded and were not selfish in their contributions. Soon after that was done, "Giant' called upon myself and Swee Bee to help execute his plans. Not only did he came up with the intention to help, he contributed to the donation and went on to make things happen.

All these were done during the period whereby he should be resting at home. As his own vehicle was in the workshop, he also made the effort to lend his sister-in-law's car for convenience purpose. I have to say that I felt very comfortable with this gigantic 'Giant' now and at times I can be quite playful but that does not means that I have no respect for him. I have to salute him for his tolerance level too. Hmmm...Swee Bee and I can sometimes be quite a pain to be with because we were full of crap. HAHAHA!

Lastly, I had to say this...'Giant' .... take care of your health and listened to your wife when she tells you what to eat and what not to eat. She has your interest at heart and so do all of us :)

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And less smoking please, Mr Giant. :)

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