Friday, 20 July 2007

Birthday Bash!!!

I had a post birthday celebration with a bunch of wacky people from WP. I had to say that it was celebrated with fun, style, surprises and embarrassment :)

They had organised a Karaoke session. What caught me off-guard was the gifts that I received. Swee Bee and gang came up with a photo frame full of 'ME', refer to picture on the right. It was done painstakingly by Swee Bee, hahaha, it must had been really difficult to face so many 'ME'! Song Han & Clara also gave me a ...... pig (resembles me I guess) as a gift. Oh, I was told that this piglet is a member of the 'Winne The Pooh' family :)

This group of wacky people includes; Swee Bee, Melvin, Choong Yong, Song Han, Clara, Gordon, Kenneth, Mrs Low, Chong Nam and Benjamin. I'm glad that everyone made a point to come, people like Gordon who never sing came, Mrs Low also came and the less active Benjamin was also present. Anyway as long as its KTV, you will see Benjamin, he is so passionate about singing :) I must say that I was very happy to see Song Han...I had not seen him smile and laugh lately.

The highlight of the night came at about 12amplus....I went to the toilet, only to find that the zip to my pants was ruined!!! I had difficulty trying to make my way back to the room. I had no choice but to call Swee Bee who insisted that I must go back into the room NOW... What greeted before me was my favourite dark chocolate cake and a mystery person on the phone waiting to join in the singing of the birthday song.

Initially I thought this person was Kenneth because he was not there at that point of time, but when I looked at the hand phone screen it was an overseas no and immediately I recognised it as KOON KOON's number! I was surprised but at the same time very concerned over my ruined zip which I covered up using my not too long t-shirt....luckily for Song Han's piglet which served as a cover-up :)

Mrs Low had to send me to Swee Bee's house to change...haha ... this has to be the most embarrassing incident of my life... But I cannot believe that I actually told the gang that, my zip is spoiled and I need to change.... hmm... this goes to show how comfortable I am with this group of people.

With that, we ended the session at 3am... this was my last 20s birthday. Next year I will be embarking onto the journey of the 30s :) Thank you guys!

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