Tuesday, 19 June 2007

What we should not learn from Eric Low

I came across an article from channelnewsasia.com on Mr. Eric Low. The headlines was ' Eric Low gears up for fight again'. The next sentence pisses me off... "..he would stop being taken for granted by Hougang residents." As such, he had decided to stop his free breakfast and medical check.

What does he meant by not being taken for granted by the residents? What was his initial intention for providing these goodies? Was it a form of br****y or Mr. Eric Low really cared for the needy residents of Hougang? If the reason was the latter, why said the residents are taking you for granted? If one did not come with the heart to help but to pull votes and win sympathy, the residents cannot feel any empathy or sincerity and thats why the vote was not given to him.

Therefore, lesson learnt was - Be sure what you are doing, don't contradict yourself because it can get really ugly.

In the article, it was also mentioned that, Mr. Eric Low had stopped his Meet-the-people session after his defeat. He gets a handful of letter from residents seeking help and he is CONSIDERING whether to see them a not!!!

The above sentence is ridiculous! Being Hougang grassroot Adviser and probably the likely candidate to contest that area again, he actually said something like that. I think anyone in the right mind will tell you, when you lose, work harder. What is Mr. Eric Low doing here? Stop Meet-the-people session, considering whether to meet these people? Are these signs that he is genuinely interested in running this ward? Or he just have to had it because its not a PAP ward? I cannot believe that this came out from his mouth. Its an irresponsible act.

The Workers' party lost by a slight margin in Aljunied. But did they work lesser? Did they stop what they are suppose to do just because they lose? The answer is NO, Miss Sylvia Lim and her group of people go door to door visit at least once a week. Mr. Rahizan will also lead another team and start walking the ground every week. This is gracious and its how political figures should behave.

Therefore, lesson learnt was - Accept defeat work harder.


Anonymous said...


"On that night, I spotted the losing male candidate in the street. It was around 11pm. He was standing at a pedestrian safety island in the middle of the street.

This 50-year-or-so-old thin man used his microphone to say repeatedly: "Voters! Neighbors! I am XXX. I lost in the District Council election by 64 votes. I admit defeat. But I will not rest. In this district, I have served the neighbors for 20 years already. I will continue to try to serve everybody! I thank you all for your support! I thank everybody, I thank everybody!..."

zhaki said...

Do you have a link to the original article?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thats what being a REAL loser is all about. Period.

DK said...

Well said.

But I thought Eric Low said he will not return to Hougang again if he lose the 2006 election? Or did I remember wrongly?

DOM the clown said...

You guys are all wrong lah! Eric Low is not running for Hougang lah! It's Dr Condoleezza Rice who's running against Mr LTK......check this out:


PAP don't take things for granted wan! They really source for real talented people.....even snatching White House staff okay!


DOM the clown said...

sorry....it's: http://domtheclown.wordpress.com/2007/03/28/

Anonymous said...

Perhaps he must be paid millions before the people of hougang will be blessed by his for his talents and efforts.

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