Saturday, 16 June 2007

Valueable Experience...

As one know, The Workers' Party so far has one ward on hand, Hougang. The party has got 4 area committees which we are working on. We have NEAC (North-East Area Committee), EAC (East Coast Area Committee), CAC (Central Area Committee) and NAC (North Area Committee).

Besides the weekly walk-about that each individual group does there is nothing much we can do currently in terms of grassroots work. Therefore the only training ground for grassroots experience comes solely from Hougang.

16th June 2007, that is today :) A Community Awareness Day was held in Hougang. The objective was to help residents who were looking for jobs, of course this will be done with the help of a family service centre. The event also promised lots of fun for the children of Hougang. Apart from members of HGCC, a number of Youth Wing Exco and members were there to help out too.

It was indeed an experience for Youth Wing Exco which includes myself. I had definitely gained experiences and joy from today's event. The art of organising, preparation work, executing plans, brainstorming of ideas, mingling with residents and children, handling children and teamwork, everyone involved did our best to make the event successful. During the event, I saw some of our members trying out the games too :)
I look forward to more such events and I would like to thank HGCC for giving us this opportunity to help out and of course gaining valueable experiences too.

Oh ya, two thumbs up for all Youth Wing Exco and members for helping out. It was a meaningful event and of course definitely a rewarding one for me!
PS: Below is a video clip taken during the event :)

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