Monday, 11 June 2007

The heart to help...

At 15mins before 8am today, all bus leaders that had volunteered their sleep and time gathered at 3 meet-up points for Hougang residents. The purpose of this post is to express how proud I was towards all bus leaders who came with a heart to help.

This is a yearly event organised by HGCC (Hougang Constituency Committee). Its a one-day temple trip. As the name suggest, the places that these residents had signed up to go to were temples, temples and temples. The last destination was the newly opened 'GIANT' at Tampines.
Taking care of 13 buses of residents, averaging about 40 people per bus was the responsibility of the bus leaders. Ensuring their safety and making sure that we don't leave anyone behind was the main objective. Its definitely not an easy task as one may meet unreasonable or un-cooperative people. Therefore, getting people back on time is not an easy task. Not to mention the warm, humid, tropical weather which can make one frustrated easily. Fortunately for me, my bus of residents were pretty on-time and not to forget I had a great partner, Linda.

As one can see from the picture above, our bus leaders came in different shapes, sizes and ages :) All of us were in our sky-blue T-shirt which is the colour of the party which is managing the Hougang Constituency, The Workers' Party.

To all bus leaders.....WELL DONE!

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